5 Best Free Applications You Need to Try – 2018

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Google has never disclosed any information regarding the number of apps that are added on the Google Play Store on a daily basis. According to a recent report, 1.7 apps are added to the Google play store every minute. This means that, on average, 2500 apps are added every day.

Faced with so many choices, it becomes a fool’s errand to download and try all the new apps that are added every day, let alone in a year.



AWESUMMLY is a short news app that has been turning heads all over the world. With a top of the line AI that uses an automated summarization algorithm to create 60 words long short news summaries. Featuring Personalized content, night mode, offline reading, news notification, live sports score and instant news update; AWESUMMLY is an app that everyone can use.


The app is free to use and has no popups or banner ads. The app is lightweight and the UI is sleek. Short news is presented in a card format and is visually pleasing.

Most people maintain a busy schedule and as such AWESOMELY is a perfect fit for all busy people who wish to stay updated with the current happening around the world.

Google Duo

Everyone has their own choice of app for video calling your loved and dear ones. Whether it is Messenger, Whatsapp, Wechat or the JioChat; every instant messaging app features a video calling option. However, I think all should give Google Duo a try.

Google Duo

The app is easy to use and has a simple aesthetics to it. It is very easy to log in by verifying your mobile phone number. After this, you can straightaway start video calling similar to how you make a phone call.

The app features a unique ‘Knock Knock’ method. Similar to how you can view who is knocking on your door using the peephole; you can now view the caller before you continue with the video call.

Download Google Duo

Swift Key

Swift key is a third-party keyboard app available on all platforms. With over 250 million downloads, you can imagine why I would recommend the app to all of you.

Swift key

The app AI learns and predicts what you intend to type. It also features a built-in autocorrect and gesture typing to enable faster typing input. There is also a wide range of themes that you can select to customize your own keyboard. There is a dedicated GIF search engine so that you can GIF away with your friends.

The keyboard has a choice of languages and is perfect for bilingual typists. The app has guaranteed that it doesn’t store passwords and sensitive information and is a favourite featured app on most app lists.

1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

Most smartphones come with a built-in weather app, however, don’t stay satisfied with the stock weather app until you have given this weather app a try.

Weather:Widget Forecast Radar

1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar is rated as best weather app by a multitude of reputed android reviewers such as Phandroid, CNN Tech, Android Police and etc. 1Weather features great functionalities such as hourly forecast, detailed forecast, extended forecast as well as a 12-week ‘precisioncast’.

Blue Mail

Blue Mail is a free mail management app. Sure, I understand that we are all used to using Gmail for all our email accounts. However, I would highly recommend you give Blue Mail a try. With a simple and compact design, Blue Mail will have you hooked to its simplicity and UI.

The app supports all email providers and also features automated syncing so that you stay updated with all your emails. One of the best features I found was its support for android wear as well as widgets.

From its organization and themes to android wear and widget support, you will be hard-pressed to find a more customizable mail app

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