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Written by Darshan Rana
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In case, you are looking for Jordan’s Dialing code. NO! This article does not detail how to dial Jordan. However, Jordan’s Dialing code is “+962”, in case you are looking for it.

The Dial Jordan that we are talking about is an initiative by RitsWorld, a business consulting firm. This firm has been creating value for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) around the world.

Now, DialJordan is India’s fastest growing leads generation platform for small and medium-sized business. DialJordan provides quality service for both customers and SME (Small and medium enterprise) owner.

From a customer’s perspective, DialJordan acts as a location-based listing of businesses with verified information.

Whether you are looking for home services such as caterers, contractors or packers & movers or Education and Tuition services such as acting class, coaching classes or music classes; you can find a huge variety of businesses and services with DialJordan with ease.

All that you need to do is, search in dialjordan’s search box for the type of service/product that you need and you will be provided a listing of all related vendors/merchants catering to the specific keyword that you typed. These listings are further ranked according to their customer ratings and price range.

You have the choice to directly call the vendor/merchant that you are interested in, you can fill a form so that the vendor can contact you or simply chat with the vendor on their microsite.

From a business owner’s perspective, DialJordan acts as a platform to gain OTP verified exclusive leads.

When a potential customer searches for the service/product that you provide, they get your business information. These potential customers become your leads. These leads are organic in nature and as a result are proven to steadily increase your lead generation process.

As a business owner, you are given access to a Merchant Console, where you can edit various account details such as contact details, organisation details, address details and etc. You can further read customer reviews and provide personalized replies to the reviews via the Merchant console.

With DialJordan, as a merchant you need to define your target market as well as specific keywords that you want your business to be associated with. DialJordan from their side will start generating relevant traffic and business opportunities to you after the completion of your organization registration.

DialJordan also feature a microsite; which is your company identity on the DialJordan website. This microsite features all the information that you verified on your merchant console.

This microsite further acts as the hub between you and your potential customers. They can contact you via chat, filling up forms or direct call after otp verification.

This means that if you own a bakery, when a potential customer searches for bakeries in DialJordan, you are not the only business that pops out. Your competitors will also be shown in the listing.

As a believer of the basic human right “Freedom of Choice”, it becomes DialJordan’s duty to provide information on you and all your competitors to the potential customers who are visiting their site.

So this means that ultimately, your lead conversion success rate finally rests upon you. You need to improve your customer ratings as well as keep an open channel with your customers to garner great reputation. This results in more leads for you and as a result greater lead conversions.

DialJordan shares lead on a rotational basis to all registered businesses in that category. These leads are shared as the primary goal of DialJordan is to provide customers with a variety of options for the product/service that they are looking for.

So, in a nutshell, DialJordan is a listing website that auto-detects your location to find the best product/service provider for your requirements while providing local small and medium businesses with an avenue for generating organic leads. DialJordan firmly believes in the formula that “YOU GROW, WE GROW”, and DialJordan is dedicated providing quality listings for customers and to helping SMEs grow which in turn facilitate growth in DialJordan.

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