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My Boy, GBA Emulator apk is the Basically a Game Emulator, it’s User Experience gives the feel of old original My boy Pocket Handy Game. You can also say it’s as the replica of Pocket My boy Game. Personally me in Childhood, I loved to Play that Game whole Day that was a Golden Days. Currently, the Developer Fast Emulator launched Basically a two type version of My Boy apk. This time there are lots of features added by the team like you can save progress at any time and return back to it instantly at My Boy Home Page. And while enabling fast-forward in game, you can quickly skip the long boring intros/dialogs in RPGs.


Whats the Feature Difference Between My Boy Paid And Free Version

There are Many Changes in My Boy Paid apk when you Compare to My Boy Free Version. If you want to Download My Boy Apk Paid Version For Free then You Can Download it From Our Site. So, Let’s talk about which Features give Fast Devloper if you Purchased their My Boy Paid Version. See Below Table I have Listed all Difference Between Both My Boy apk.


My Boy Paid Version is Ads Free. Free Version Contains Ads.
Fast Forward available up to 16x. Fast Forward available at 2x.
Saved games on the device can be continued on others. Games Cant be saved on one device.
Sync is available with google drive Directly. Cant sync with google drive Saidly.
You can link it up, as a server with your friend.  No such option available.
Multiple Code lines in one cheat available. Single line code in Cheat available.
Tilt Sensor emulation through android motion sensors. Tilt sensor not available.
You can save the game at any Point time. You cant save the game at any Point time.
You can create multiple screen layout profiles. You can create multiple accounts.

How to Link Two My Boy Devices?

Yes, In the Latest update added this Feature you can Now Connect with your friends and Play Gather Game. Currently, you can create a connection with wifi and Bluetooth. If you want to know how to link two my boy device than Follow the Steps Which are Listed Below.


  1. First, Go to Device Settings and Power on your device.
  2. It will display a “Searching for available connection” Dialog.
  3. Now Bluetooth devices list will show up, where you can choose a device you want to connect with it.
  4. If you are not Find another device then you want to Check in the list, click the ‘Make discoverable’ button on that device, and then click the ‘Scan for devices’ button again on the client device.
  5. Select it and it will connect Both Devices. If you have not paired the two devices as of before, you may be asked to pair in the middle of the connection process with temporary password option.

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  1. On one of the device, choose in the MENU ‘Link remote’  Option then Wi-Fi (server).
  2. A “waiting for incoming connection” Dialog will be displayed, with IP address and port number on it.
  3. Then on the other device choose ‘Wi-Fi (client)’, and in the upcoming Dialog, input the IP address and port number that is being displayed on the server device.
  4. If you Do all Properly Both Device will Be Connect.
 So, I share in this Post the Difference Between My Boy Paid apk and My Boy Free Version app . We have to Share the MY Boy Paid apk to free So, Share this Difference of My Boy Paid and free apk version with Your friends and family. If you have still any query regarding or Linking Two My Boy Device then fill free and comment below. Our team will answer your Question.

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