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How to Enable New Facebook Messenger Secret Soccer Game in your Phone

Written by Darshan Rana
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Facebook Messanger is not an only Messaging app but much more Yes, you hear Right, You can Do many things with it like playing hidden Facebook games. Facebook has now launched its full-blown gaming feature for its Messenger platform. You can now play a bunch of games through Facebook Messenger in a browser on the desktop or in the mobile app So without further delay, let’s see how to play games on messenger

Are you getting bored sometimes when Chat with your friends, Family and your love once Gf or Bf? Are you still blushing? omg, Let’s Start. So, You can play this game with your friends and challenge your friend in this game by making a high score.

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Read this post and know how can you play this secret basketball game in your facebook messenger app.

Facebook Messenger Hidden Games

         Facebook Messenger Hidden Games

How to play Messenger’s Secret Soccer Game?

Step 1. Open Facebook Messenger app in your android Device.

Facebook Messenger Secret Soccer Game

  Facebook Messenger Secret Soccer Game

Step 2. Open any Conversation Chat in Facebook Messenger app then select emoji section.

Facebook Messenger Conversation

Facebook Messenger Conversation

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Step 3. Now find Soccer emoji and send this basketball emoji to your friend. basketball emoji

Facebook Game

Step 4. Tap on Soccer emoji in conversation chat.

Tap On Soccer Images

        Tap On Soccer Images

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Step 5. Finally, play this secret Soccer game in your Facebook Messenger app now Play with this your Friend.

Messanger Soccer Game

Challenge your friend in this game from making the high score.

The game is so much interesting. You need to do only to keep the ball in the “air” by tapping on a ball. Tap it once to get going, and then tap it again before it falls past the bottom of the screen. Tapping closer to the centre of the ball sends it on a more vertical going while hitting the edges sends it flying sideways and makes it harder to hit. That’s it how many times you tap and ball in the air that’s your Goal.

So, I revealed the hidden trick of How to play Secret Soccer and others Game in the Facebook Messenger if you have still any Query Post a Comment, I will be the answer to it.

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