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Fake Gps Pokemon Go app
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Fake GPS Pokemon Go is one of the most cherished memories of our childhood. And, Pokemon Go has brought back our nostalgic memories. We love playing Pokemon G0 game apk in our homes, shopping malls, parks, and every possible place. But, gone are the times when we had to leave our couch, our best-loved comfort zones to catch the Pokemon. Now, the easier way is Fake FPS Pokemon GO using Fake GPS to catch the Pokemon from your home itself. *The devilish grin* Here, we have got some best Fake GPS Pokemon Go app that helps you to locate Fake Pokémon from the comfort zone of your couch. So, in order to help you find more and more Pokémon we brought you some interesting locating apps. Where you also can get some special rare Pokemon using Fake GPS Location app.

You can use Fake GPS Pokemon Go apps and others GPS Joystick, Tutu app without any worries. Do try these tips and tricks to spot more and more pokémon Go. Hence, Pokemon Go trainers let’s go and explore the world of Pokemon using Fake Gps Location.


Top Fake GPS Pokemon Go Apps for Android

Here our team Listed below some most reliable Fake GPS Pokemon Go apps. we also Provided Direct Download link to the fake Gps app. You can easily Download it and install on your android mobile Smartphone. This Fake Gps Pokemon Go application does not need any root for your current android mobile. To use those Fake Gps app for Pokemon go simply open it and choose the country which you want to select and that’s it. This apk automatically set Fake Gps for Pokemon Go. This fake GPS apk also found on Android Google Play Store.

  1. Fly GPSPokemon Go
  2. GPS joystick
  3. Fake GPS joystick

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Fly GPS Location for Pokemon Go app

The most interesting thing about Fly GPS for use Fake GPS Pokemon Go is it is free of cost and quite easy to download and run. It is used by many people around the world and delivers promising results. It is one of the most reliable apps for Fake Gps Pokemon Go Location. Fly GPS Pokemon Go has got many fascinating features, such as an on-screen joystick that allows you to catch your Pokemon around the area.

Another interesting feature of the Fake GPS Pokemon go is Stop that helps you to collect interesting items and helps you move around the city.

Many other spellbinding features of this app include location search, search history, and you can also save your favourite locations. Have you watched Pokemon Cartoon exactly the same story you need to follow in Pokemon Go. Yes, I also love that cartoon  & Fan of Pokemon Go.

This app requires some features for its proper installation and running that are as follows:-

  • The phone should run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or above.
  • You are supposed to have a root for Android 4.4 KitKat and Android 5 lollipop.
Fake GPS Pokemon Go

Fly GPS Pokemon Go

GPS joystick apk for Fake GPS Pokemon Go

This is the most popular and using app for Fake GPS Pokemon Go. The users who want a simpler method to help mock their location and this can be easily done by using an overlay joystick controller. The most distinctive property of this app is the ultimate fake location option flexibility.

This property helps you to use three different fake location options for Pokemon go and they can also be configured according to your special needs.

These interesting settings are listed below:-

  1. You can set your particular Fake GPS Pokemon Go location manually with the help of latitude and the longitude or else you can also their search function.
  2. Your current location can also be detected by the app via your phone’s GPS and then you can use it easily.
  3. You can also use your last saved location where the app was closed. How cool is that!

The most interesting feature of Gps joy Stick is my personal favourite is you can select up to three-speed settings and also an automated option that helps to walk your Pokemon Go character to the specific Fake GPS location at your own customized pace.

The basic requirement to run this app is that your phone or your tablet should be running on Android 4.4 KitKat or above versions of Android.

This app can be easily downloaded and installed from So, what are you waiting for, go download install and train your Fake GPS Pokémon Go character using the joystick?



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How to Download Fake GPS joystick app

This is not free of cost app, but not too expensive also. Fake GPS joystick for Pokemon Go might cost you around $3.99. But, this app is unique in its own ways; it works perfectly without giving too many problems. Fake GPS joystick for Pokemon Go also provides you with some more additional features such as automated movement around the Pokemon Go that has been specified.

It also has the ability to customize speeds and also you are allowed to update intervals. Some special features also have been inoculated for frequent Fake Gps Pokemon Go users; you can play in expert mode and also master better spoofing techniques. Last but not least, of course, this app helps you to record your location history and also gives you the alternative to save your current location and view them later on for future references.

This App can be easily downloaded from the google play store for just $3.99 and can be installed on your phone or tablets.

The basic requirements for this Fake GPS Pokemon Go apk are either your phone should be running on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or any one of the latest Android versions. The ‘No root mode’ is compatible with Android 6.0 Marshmallow only or the above-mentioned versions.

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So, hurry and download this app for more and more fun.

Fake GPS joystick For Pokemon GO

Fake GPS joystick For Pokemon GO

Download: GPS Joy Stick Fake GPS Location for Pokemon Go

Download Tutuapp for Fake GPS Pokemon Go

Tutuapp use for Fake Gps Pokemon Go to use it it’s the easiest way to spoof your location for android users. The Fly GPS Pokemon Go developer of this app provides with a joystick and also Fake GPS Location abilities.  But to use it nothing worth having comes easy so the problem with this Fake GPS app is that the newer released versions of Pokémon Go are harder to be modified with better detecting techniques as compared to the older versions. The reason because of which TutuApp version is not working with android anymore.

It has also been found that the developers of the Fake GPS Pokemon Go app have not been able to release the latest version of Pokemon Go. And, on the top of that, the app was only a mirrored APK of the main original Pokémon Go that is easily available in the google play store.

But, in case you still want to try out the TutuApp then you can easily download and install it from the same website mentioned above is

Real-time Pokemon Go Maps

London PoGO Map:


Singapore PoGO Map:

Las Vegas PoGO Map:

Seattle PoGO Map:

Portland PoGO Map

Seoul Korea PoGO Map:

South/Busan Korea PoGO Map:

Philadelphia PoGO Map:

Houston PoGO Map:

Boston PoGO Map:

Chicago PoGO Map:

Vancouver PoGO Map:

Toronto PoGO Map:

Montreal PoGO Map:

Sydney PoGO Map:

Brisbane Australia POGO Map:

Melbourne PoGO Map:

Australia PoGO Map:

Switzerland PoGO Map:

South America Region PoGO Map(s):

Germany PoGo Map:

How to solve Security Patch of Fake GPS Pokemon Go

 Samsung S8 Android 7.0.1 (Security Patch – August 2018)

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Verizon (Security Patch – August 2018)

 Moto Z Play Android 7.1.1 (Security patch – 1 August 20178)

 Redmi 3S with Android 6.0.1 (Security patch – April 2018)

Download: Fake GPS location for Pokemon GO apk

Pokemon is my Favourite cartoon during my childhood days. After the launch this Pokemon Go apk I have caught so many Pokemon with the help of Fake Gps & FLY Gps APP. So, I Suggesting you use this Fly gps apk to change location in game.

So, let’s start having some fun and enjoy our favourite game. We hope this helps you a lot and catch Pokémons from your comfort zone via Fake GPS location. These Fake GPS Pokemon Go apps are really useful for any Android user. As we say sharing is caring, so share this articles with your friends and family to help them to Play using Fake Gps Pokemon Go locations apps and in case you have any queries or questions do write to us in the comment section below.

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