Best way To Install Kodi On PS4 and PS3

kodi on PS4 and PS3
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Kodi on PS4 and PS3: Hello Friends, Are you looking for Install Kodi on PS4 and PS3 then Stay here, In this article, we are going to share about how to download and install Kodi PS4 in your PS4 PlayStation Gaming console. We posted the Simple steps installation guide to get Kodi PS4 on your PS4 PlayStation console Device. PlayStation is a video game console is the fantasy of the every Gamer, it’s developed by Sony. The first PlayStation was released in 1994, followed by PlayStation 2 (PS2) in 2000 and PlayStation 3 (PS3) in 2006. Recently people upgraded with the PS4 for Streaming high Definition Videos apart from Playing High Definition Games, So that why here we posted the best article to help you for how to install Kodi PS4 on PS4 and PS3 PlayStation console Device. Many people asked me about Kodi on PS4 and Kodi on PS3 and Kodi on Xbox one Guide. So, for those, my friends read this full Post.


What is Kodi?

Kodi is the open source free entertainment Software, it’s mainly developed for the enhancing the user experience of the Gaming. Kodi Software can be linked with any computer, Smartphone, tablet, and Gaming Consoles and turn that device into a streamer. By using with the Kodi we can install many custom-made apps or add-ons. There are currently thousands of add-on already available on Kodi. These add-ons provide to a variety of viewers. You can stream online movies, shows, anime and much more at one Place.

How to Install Kodi on PS4

The kodi application is available for many of the operating systems such as android, ios, windows, Mac OS etc, but this app is not officially available for PS4. Kodi Developers are still working on that to release an official version of Kodi for PS3 and PS4. But after Some research, Friends we find the Similar app along with similar features which name is Plex. Our team worked hard to get the same methods to get Plex app in you PS4 so that you can use the Media streaming too in your PS4 aside from playing Games. So, read this guide carefully and follow the step by step method to install Kodi PS4 on PS4 and PS3 PlayStation console Device.

Easiest Guide to Installing Plex

Here we are going to explain Installation Process of Plex app, you can easily download Kodi similar features app Plex directly from their Plex Official Page without Pay a Single Penny. Now read this step Carefully and just follow the steps correctly and you will have your Kodi streaming app in a few seconds.

  • First, you need to open your PlayStation control located in the bottom left corner.
  • When it’s opened, then open the PlayStation Store.
  • Locate the Search bar In the windows and click on that.
  • Search Plex App.
  • When you find the Plex app then Open it.
  • Now click on the download file Button which appears on the Plex App icon.
  • The speed of Downloads File depends on your Internet Service Provider.
  • Now, we have half Process is done, Follow below this Step Carefully.
  • Then runs the Plex application by clicking on the Start Button, if you can find the Plex application then go back to your home screen and under the TV and Video section, you will find that.
  • Once the app is opened create a Plex account if you have not then Create New one.
  • When your account is created a special code will be generated and a link will be provided.
  • Open that link, enter the code on the page generated, wait for some time and you will receive a Push notification as “App Linked”. You may receive an error message also.
  • Search Plex App in PlayStore from your Android device.
  • Sign in using the same account as before and then select Stay in free trial mode.
  • Go to system settings and in here enable the following.
  • Now, go to  Settings > System and then enable these options: Advertise as a server, Show camera roll media, and Network discovery.

Note: Many Peoples are using now Emulator for this Process.

So In this article, we describe the Best way to install kodi on ps4 and ps3. If your smartphone and PS4 connected with same wifi network then you can access that Media files on your Android or iOS smartphone. we have shared the Best method to Kodi for PS4 & PS3 Download and Install.  if you have still any query then feel free to comments below.Hope you liked our article.

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