How to Solve Taskbar Not Working Windows 10? {2019}

Written by Darshan Rana
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The Windows 10 Operating System launched by Microsoft with a big update in the taskbar by adding a search bar beside the task view icon. After using the new windows 10 many users find trouble with the new windows taskbar user interface. I think you also face issues where the taskbar not working Windows 10 properly. Sometimes its work Completely but Sometimes getting freezing out or become unresponsive or stop working randomly. These issues made Microsoft think over new Windows 10 OS and finally introduced the working troubleshooting methods. So, that’s why here I Posted detailed guide of How to Solve taskbar windows 10 not working error.


How to Fix Taskbar Not Working on Windows 10?

 There are lots of methods to Solve taskbar not responding to Windows 10 problem but here I posted the best working Ones. Rather than to tell the bunch of methods and working only some. Despite Windows 10 taskbar problem faced by the users of the Windows 10 system, the Updated formed of the taskbar is really excellent in having user control over it.  You can build thousands of colours and customize according to your likes.  So, Let’s introduce the best way that’s good and working for the solve windows taskbar issue to Solve it.
Update your Microsoft Windows 10 version its have some fixes in a new operating system update.

Guide to Solve Taskbar Not Working Windows 10: Best Methods to be followed

In this article, I have added some methods for the common windows 10 issues that come. Depending on the surrounding issues the interfaces problem takes place. Whatever be the problem, Common solutions are provided here neatly for easy understanding. Have a quick look at the article.

Restart your Computer or Laptop Windows Explorer

This Trick can be used when your windows taskbar is not faced with any major issue. Just some simple steps to changing the settings of the windows system settings will fix the trouble.

  • You need the Run command option on your Computer or laptop screen to open the System Task Manager. For that, you require to press on Windows Key+R and then click OK by type at the run command box taskmgr.exe.
  • The System Task Manager open automatically. You will see a  new tab named Processes. Click on that and simply scroll down to the Windows Explorer Program.
task bar not working Windows 10

Guide to Fix Taskbar Not Working in Windows 10?

  • Click the found Windows Explorer and then follow it by clicking Restart.
  • This Process kills the Windows Explorer running process and would shortly restart it resolving the issue.

Re-register Windows Task Bar

If this issue again comes you and despite all those solutions and all. To handle it then try this steps of re-registering the taskbar using Windows Powershell method. This kind of operating system problem can be fixed then if you work with the command line tool, that is, Windows Powershell. This configures the settings of the system and automates the tasks of the Windows.

  • Before following this steps for fixing the taskbar menu issues, you need to build a system restore point.
  • As the taskbar is not working, you have the Win Key on your laptop keyboard. Press on that and type Powershell keyword. Put a right click on Windows Powershell button (Desktop App) and then click as the Run as the system Administrator option. A UAC windows come up. Select Yes on that.
  • You need to provide an answer to the following this command.  Copy and  Paste the entire command in the image given below at the place and enter.
taskbar not responding Windows 10

taskbar not responding Windows 10

  • The command must have executed successfully in the system. Now you need to follow with the navigation to the directory of the Explorer system. There you have your name as your account username. Also, check whether you have enabled showcasing the hidden items in the Explorer.
  • Scroll down a screen and locate the Tile DatacLayer named folder. Once you find simply delete the folder. This must enable the taskbar to perform work Completely.

Windows Explorer Add-ons Check

This problem faced by add-ons of File Explorer functioning of Windows 10 Explorer is getting affected or interfered with the running system. To check this you need to reboot your computer or laptop running on Windows 10 os in Clean Boot function and try to solve out the offender. This will needs trial and error method because if you get it then you need to must disable that function or need to remove add-on for resolving the issue.

So, Today has I solved taskbar not working Windows 10 issue. you can easily use this method to solve Windows  7/8/8.1/10. Now, you easily  Solve Windows  10 Operating System Problems these methods are simple and easy. Solve your windows laptop or Computer problem by using any method among this three. Also, don’t forget to share this list on social media and with windows technology lover friends and family Members.

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