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Written by Darshan Rana
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Crop Pic for Instagram: Have you ever post the Instagram photo without Crop or Have you posted full-screen portrait mode on Instagram. Now, days Posting photos to Instagram in full-screen portrait mode is super easy.

Instagram is a very Popular nowadays, Instagram is the Photo Sharing Service. It has become one of the most Popular Platforms after Facebook for Sharing Captured Moments. But are you Facing when I have a Solution of your Problem, so read how to show a full photo on Instagram. Here is the answer to your Question, So today we will look at a much simpler and coolest solution that I found out. So without further delay, let’s see How do you post a picture on Instagram without cropping it.


How do you post full-screen portrait mode on Instagram?

how to make pictures fit on instagram pictures

                            how to make pictures fit on Instagram


While there are several apps on Play Store that can do this, my favourite one is called No Crop & Square, which is a free app with ads and High rank on Play Store. They also have a paid version with the same functionality but no ads, which is what I’m going to use in the following example.

Steps to add Without Crop Pic on Instagram

  1. First of You to Download & Install No Crop & Square Android application from the PlayStore
    no crop instagram

        no crop Instagram

  2. When Completly Installation is done Open the No Crop & Square in Your Smartphone Now tap on Edit Options icon as shown in the Below image.
    how to post long pictures on instagram

    how to post long pictures on Instagram

  3. After that Open it’s automatically driven into your Phone Gallery & Shown the folder of images Now Choose the Images which you want to post on Instagram.
    no crop instagram online

                no crop Instagram online

  4. Now, it’s Show Instagram Tools Page which I have posted below images, and You want to Now Pinch image by using your fingers and make image Size slightly Small. Don’t worry about Instagram you would show the full images without Crop.
    make instagram pictures smaller with white background

    make Instagram pictures smaller with white background

  5. Now enjoy, Your work is done Share this Pic by a tap on Share Button wich is in the right Corner Choose Instagram and it’s automatically driven on the instagram
    show full photo on instagram

                     show full photo on instagram

  6. Now Post the Photo. If still Pic showed the crop return on the app and made the image more Smaller. You can also set the background option of the picture; you make it Plain or Blur image behind the main Photo of the Instagram.

There are many other apps are available on the Play store to Check them out. 

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