How to use Phone as Mouse and Keyboard for Computer-2019

use phone as mouse and Keyboard for Computer
Written by Darshan Rana
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Here is how you can control your PC/laptop with your Android smartphone/tablet using it either use as keyboard or mouse. Android OS is a very Smart because of full Customization.It’s Provides lots of feature for its user.But have you ever thought to use Android as mouse and keyboard? Yes, you heard it right, today we are going to show how to use Android as mouse and keyboard. Well, this trick is different from all, it is a new level of using your PC or laptop.

In this article, I uncovered How to use Android as Mouse and Keyboard. As you know, I am a College Student, and I live in Hostel so last holiday I go my home, and in a hurry, I forgot my mouse at my room and my inbuilt laptop mouse also not working.So I found this Solution for that, it’s also happens to you Am I right So, this trick is the best alternative to this situation and these gadgets. It is the best way to handle this type of situation using Android smartphone.

How to Use Your Android Device as a Mouse, Keyboard

We handle this type of situation using Remote Mouse Android app. This App turns your Android smartphone into a wireless remote control for your computer.It has many features covering fully simulated touchpad, keyboard and different remote panels.So without further delay, let’s see How to use Android mobile as Mouse and Keyboard.

What do You Need to Make wireless keyboard and Mouse for Phone?

These are two files here first for the Mouse Android app and second is Remote Mouse for PC that you need to Download both and install it.


Use Android as Mouse App and Remote Mouse for PC Download Link is Below Click One of them.

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  1. Use Android as Mouse App – Click here to Download
  2. Remote Mouse for PC – Click here to Download


Both your PC/Laptop and Android Mobile Need to connected to the same WiFi network, or you can Create a hotspot and connect other to it or used your Router.

Steps to use Phone Mouse and Keyboard for Computer

1) First of You to Download & Install Android mouse app in your phone and Download and Install Mouse for PC file in your Computer or laptop.

use phone keyboard for computer

2) After Completly Installation done open Remote Mouse Server App But Strictly your laptop/Pc and Mobile Connected to the same Wifi Network or Create hotspot for it.

3) Now, Open the Remote Mouse App in your Smartphone and after it’s automatically started to find the Device which Connected to the same Wifi Network. When your PC’s name Shown in mobile then Simply click on it and it will Connect to your PC.

use phone as mouse

4) Now start moving your finger in your Android touch Screen and your Laptop/PC’s Cursor Starting moving as your finger’s moments.

5) You can even use your Phone to move the mouse, but lazy for like me touch Screen it’s Better.

use phone keyboard for computer

Use Phone keyboard for Computer

6) For use Keyboard, Touch Keyboard icon on left Corner of the Screen and Keyboard will be Shown Now type it, It’s so Simple.

Even me First time trying this app I am just Shocked like what magic is going on.It’s not only a keyboard and mouse but using this you also Control all media Player Including VLC Media Player and not only that’s but you also a Turn off your Computer by pressing One tap Off button.

Update: New Update of this come you so update it guys from Playstore. Some Bugs Fixed & New Features are added.

So, I revealed the how you could control your PC/laptop with your Android smartphone/tablet using it either use as keyboard or mouse and use the phone as USB keyboard. I shared remote mouse windows, and android app so Download and use a phone as a keyboard for the laptop/Pc.

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